Appearance :  White Crystalline Solid Form

Kimyasal Adı : Aliminium Sulphate, Aliminium sulfate, Cake Alum, Filter Alum,

Chemical Formula:  Al2(SO4)3

Packaging Type: In  25 Kg Bags


Definition and Usage Area of Aluminium sulfate

Aluminium sulfate, Easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. Since it is the most common coagulant used in water treatment, it can be sold in 1 ton big-bags in granular and powder form. In accordance with occupational health and safety regulations, standard aluminum sulfate packaging is 25 kg. The aluminum sulphate we sell is in Type-1 norm and at the level of 16-17 percent purity. Aluminum sulphate, which does not show corrosive activity in dry form, becomes corrosive in its solution with water. Due to its corrosive feature, it should be stored in plastic or stainless steel tanks.

Usage areas

  • It is used for various purposes (as clarifying agent, clumping agent, tanning agent, adhesive agent, stabilizer) in various industries such as food (especially in oil and fat production), paper, textile, medicine, cosmetics, waste water, fire extinguisher.
  • It is used as a mordant in dyeing, as a waterproofing agent for concrete, as a clarification agent for fats and oils, as an odor and color remover in oil refining processes, as a precipitating agent in sewage treatment and water purification, and also as a food additive.
  • Aluminum sulphate (alum) is used in industrial wastewater or drinking water treatment.
  • Aluminum sulfate is widely used in chemistry, gold and precious metal processing, jewelry, plating, etc. It is used for precipitation in many different industries.

Water Treatment Applications

aluminum sulfate usage includes drinking water purification Ever wonder how we manage to have safe drinking water flowing out of our faucets? You can thank aluminum sulfate. Municipal water suppliers, such as your local water utility company, make use of alum to treat water for human consumption. In addition, process water (non-drinking water) may also be treated with this chemical for purification when bacteria / sediment would cause an adverse effect.