Appearance :  Colorless

Chemical Name:  Ammonium phosphate

Chemical Formula:  NH4H2PO4

Packaging Type:  25 Kg. in sacks


Definition and Usage Areas mono ammonium phosphate

This substance dissolves in water and dissolves rapidly in sufficiently moist soil. Growers apply granular mono ammonium phosphate near the plant’s growing roots or in surface bands. In addition, it is widely spread on the land and mixed with the soil. No special precautions are required for this substance. Mono ammonium phosphate, used as a foliar spray or added to irrigation water; It should not be mixed with calcium or magnesium fertilizers.

There are various uses in the agricultural field. Since all of the nitrogen in the fertilizer is ammonia nitrogen, it is controlled for plants. If this substance is used in drip irrigation, if the pH value of the fertilized water is created in a light and acidic way, all the necessary substances can be easily taken by the plants.

Mono Ammonium Phosphate; It is a widely used source of phosphorus and nitrogen. These substances used in the fertilizer industry are in the content of solid fertilizers. Mono ammonium phosphate manufacturing process can be done by applying simple methods. As a method; ammonia ratio and phosphoric acid are reacted. After this process, the solidification process is carried out. In the other method, it is the process of mixing with different fertilizers. Mono ammonium phosphate fertilizer is a fertilizer containing the highest amount of phosphate among the phosphorus fertilizers. It does not contain any harmful substances and does not harm plants. The application of ammonium phosphate is made into the soil before planting. It is also used for main fertilization and pre-sowing fertilization of fruit crops, grape vines, plants and flowers. This item; It is stored in closed, cold and dry buildings.

MAP (12-61-0) is a water-soluble fertilizer. Its formula is NH4H2PO4 – 12% N (nitrogen) + 61% P2O5 (phosphorus). Among the phosphate source fertilizers, it is the type of fertilizer that contains the highest amount of phosphate. Thanks to its low nitrogen content, it is the most suitable way to provide phosphorus to plants at the desired rate. Since it does not contain any substances that can harm plants such as chlorine, sodium and heavy metals, it can be used safely in all products. Since all of the nitrogen in MAP fertilizer is ammonia nitrogen, this element is provided to reach the plants in a controlled manner.

Usage areas

  • It is an easy to use material in terms of storage and transportation. It is used as a feed additive for animals with high purity.
  • In the application of mono ammonium phosphate, it can be used in various irrigation techniques with the dissolving method.
  • It increases the resistance of plants to stress and diseases.
  • It provides balance during the reproductive phase.
  • In the formation of adverse conditions, it has stimulating effects on the growth of the shoots, provides flowering and affects the growth of fruits.
  • It provides the development of endurance properties of fruits.